Rhetorical Analysis

Link to final revised draft

Reflection 2
After reading and re-reading both articles, I have been able to see how they both display the same information, but with minor tweaks  according to what they want to accomplish. The popular article left out important parts of information from the study itself, which really steers the perspective to one direction. The academic article used words that are more suggestive, insinuating ideas, not making them concrete facts.
I think the popular article was smart to leave out some information because it worked in their favor. They had to pick and choose what bits of information their audience would be interested to read in. If they had included all the information from the academic source, the audience would just skim for a while and move on to the next article before reaching the main point of the paper.

Reflection 3
After the first peer review, I feel like I actually know what i'm doing. From the start, the instructions weren't too clear to me but finally after seeing examples, I have a clearer understanding of what to do. It was also helpful to see how my group mates focused on different similarities/differences from the articles I had't thought to include. From the peer workshop, I have a better understanding of what to include in the next draft.

link to revised draft
Free Write

For me personally, editing a text is difficult because writing as a task isn’t something I look forward to. Writing a whole essay or paper is painful enough, so once I write a paper I briefly review and revise it and submit it just to make it go away.  Also, even though I know the wording in a sentence may be off, it’s difficult to come up with a new way of rewording it, and outside help isn’t always readily available. Editing is tedious after so long. After spending hours writing the paper, it's hard to catch the obvious mistakes. After meeting with the professor during the one on one meetings, it was nerve wrecking but also super helpful. Link to Final Revised Draft

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