Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Plagiarism Spat

In Colin Purrington's legal dispute with CPBR, it came as a surprise to me how immature the whole situation was. CPBR clearly plagiarized some of Purrington's work, but when asked to take it down, they turned it back on Purrington. The whole legal threat really could have been avoided. The situation really made me look at plagiarism in a different light. I always associated plagiarism with high school/college students reading articles online and either copying ideas/examples or words to add to their papers. In reality, it seems reasonable to believe that this is where the plagiarism rules originated from. CPBR copied Purrington's work and tried to pass it as their own. They posted it in a public setting and didn't even mention Purrington in any form. Even a high school student could tell you that's not right.

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