Where Credit is Due

Link to my final revised draft

Reflection 1
Based on the dicussions we've had in class, it's much easier to identify the different reasons why citing and quoting is so important. It was a reminder of the actual reason why we need to quote instead of just doing so because the professor asked us to. Aside from much discussion about citations, quotations, and plagiarism, the topic of remixing came up. It made me realize how we take one idea and everybody can change it and interpret in such a different and unique way. The topic of plagiarism in schools was the main focus of a discussion today and we were asked to give incoming freshman helpful tips to avoid plagiarism accusations.

Reflection 2
So far, writing about citing correctly has made me realize how little I know about it. This paper is aimed towards first year college students, which makes it easier since I can relate it to something that would have been helpful to me. In terms of how to format this paper, it makes sense to organize it in paragraphs dedicated to answering one individual question(bullet point).
Some of the topics I'd incorporate would be:
-reason why plagiarism rules are so enforced
-possible consequences
-different types of citation
-resources to make it easier(bib me)/ how to cite
-reason for different citations, professor preferences, professor testing student
Rough Draft

Here is the link to my revised final draft

Reflection 3
Overall, I feel pretty good about this paper. The peer workshop helped me so much. I saw how my group members were structuring their paper and in a way compared it to mine. It was helpful seeing that example. I actually enjoyed writing this paper; realizing the importance of the audience(people my age) was helpful in terms of how to word phrases. If there is anything I could change about this paper, it'd be to use better vocabulary as well as to be more specific in certain topics.

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