Monday, February 15, 2016

Plagiarism Lines Blur For Students in Digital Age

In Trip Gabriel's article "Plagiarism Lines Blur For Students in Digital Age", he expands on the widespread plagiarism across universities in the country.  As millennial babies, we grew up as technology really was beginning to advance. We were ones who transitioned from books to the internet as our main source of information. Although technology plays a vital role in our paper writing process, that's all it is. Just one role. Many can argue that plagiarism allows for "lazy" students to write papers on topics they can't articulate on. Writing is a process and sometimes we need other sources to formulate our own ideas and opinions. Often times, we don't even know how to properly cite our sources.


  1. The transition from the library to the Internet for information is a huge part of plagiarism today. I think the bigger issue is that students don't know how to paraphrase.

  2. Ohhhh! I am looking forward to this next assignment and how it impacts what you two wrote here.